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Product Templates and Instructions

See the below chart to download product templates and instructions. 

Product Templates
Revolution V1 Lever Wood Door
Hollow Metal Door
Right/Left Hand Door Template
Revolution V2 Deadbolt Template
Revolution V3 Lever
D & E Series Deadbolts Template
N Series Deadbolt Template
GL Series Lever
QL Series Lever Template
MLX Series Lever Template
RLX Series Lever Template
HK Series Knobs Template
RK Series Knobs Template
1250 Exit Device
5016N Series Door Closer Template
Mortise Trim Template
AM Series Mortise Lock Template 1
Template 2
BM Series Mortise Lock Template
DB Deadbolt


Product Instructions
Revolution V1 Lever Gen 1 Instructions
Gen 2 Instructions
Gen 1 Quickstart
Gen 2 Quickstart
Revolution V2 Deadbolt Pushbutton Instructions
Touchscreen Instructions
Pushbutton Quickstart
Touchscreen Quickstart
Revolution V3 Lever Instructions
D Series Deadbolt IC IC Instuctions
RL Series Lever Instructions
RK Series Knobs Instructions
5016N Door Closers Instructions
DC300 Hold Open Arm Instructions
DC500 DSHO Arm Instructions
NHO HO Arm Instructions
Door Operators Inverter
RF Instructions
7900 Instructions
7800 Instructions
7800 Push to Pull Instructions
7814H 7836H Pull Side
7814S 7836S Push Side
7814U 7836U Universal
Old Motor Inverter

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