C Series


The C Series offers exceptional value and quality required to meet the demands of the single and multi-family housing markets, as well as light commercial applications. Combining a variety of knob and lever designs, convenient installation and the Arrow benchmark for dependability, the C Series is perfect in most any space.


• The C Series has been designed to meet the requirements of ANSI, A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 2.

ADA/Americans with Disabilities Act:
Acceptable Door Hardware: Section 4.13.9

Handles, pulls, latches and other operating devices on accessible doors shall have a shape that is easy to grasp with one hand and does not require grasping, tight pinching or twisting of the wrist to operate. Lever operated mechanisms, push-type mechanisms and “U” shaped handles are acceptable designs. (Applicable on CL Series only)



Construction: Tubular chassis

Backset: Universal latch is standard. Adjustable for both 2-3/8" (60mm) or 2-3/4" (70mm).

Latch: Brass front. Supplied standard with 1" x 2-1/4" (25mm x 57mm) square corner, 1" x 2-1/4" radius corner and 1-1/8" x 2-1/4" (29mm x 57mm) square corner latch fronts. Available with drive-in latches.

Strike: 1-5/8" x 2-1/4" (41mm x 57mm) full lip strike standard. Available with 1-1/8" x 2-3/4" (29mm x 70mm) “T” strike, or 1-1/4" x 4-7/8" (32mm x 124mm) ANSI strike. Door Thickness–Fits 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" (35mm-44mm) doors standard.

Exposed Trim: Knobs are wrought brass. Levers are zinc based and are plated to match finish requirements.

Mounting: Knobsets are supplied with exposed screws on inside rose. Leversets are supplied with concealed screws on inside rose.

Cylinder: Solid brass, 6 pin tumbler, pinned 5. “A” keyway standard. Available in a variety of competitive manufacturers keyways. Supplied with 2 brass keys.

Packaging: Both knob and leversets are packed 1 per box, 20 per carton.

Warranty: 5 year mechanical, 5 year finish.

Finish: US3, US4, US15, US5A, US26, US26D

Freewheeling: C Series lever designs with keyed functions supplied standard with freewheeling feature, which allows locked lever to rotate without retracting latch.


C Series Cutsheet

C Series Cutsheet (.pdf, 549 kB)


C Series Tubular Locks Are Available In:

  • 03 - Bright Brass
  • 04 - Satin Brass
  • 05A - Antique Brass
  • 15 - Satin Nickel
  • 26 Bright Chrome
  • 26D - Satin Chrome



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