Cam Lock

The Arrow cam lock kit is available in a variety of Arrow and competitor SFIC keyways and are idea for keying into an existing SFIC system with a standard cam lock. The Arrow cam lock fits any standard 3/4" double d hole (double d washer included for round hole mounting.) Typical applications include: drawers, cabinets, secure enclosures, retail fixtures, vending equipment, medical carts, storage and utility boxes.

The new cam locks are available as either assembled or sub-assembled and are available in all Arrow SFIC keyways with the exception of Flex.

Arrow CLK-10 (sub-assembled) Arrow CLK-11 (assembled)
(1) Sub-assembled cam lock (Plug, Shell, Retainer)
(1) Assembled cam lock
(Plug, Shell, Retainer, Tumbler Pin Package)
(1) 90 degree Stop
(1) 90 Degree Stop
(1) Straight Cam
(1) Straight Cam
(1) Offset Cam
(1) Offset Cam
(1) 360 Degree Drive Plate (NKR)
(1) 360 Degree Drive Plate (NKR)
(1) 90 Degree Drive Plate(KR) (1) 90 Degree Drive Plate (KR)
(1) Drive Pin
(1) Drive Pin
(2) Plate Screws (2) Plate Screws
(1) Hex nut
(1) Hex Nut
(1) Double D Mounting Washer
(1)Double D Mounting Washer
(1) 1/4"Spacer (1) 1/4" Spacer
  (2) Cut Keys




Body Length: 1-3/16"

Body Diameter: 3/4" Double D

Body: 7 Pin

Maximum Tumbler Stack Height: 12

Head Diameter: 7/8"

Finishes: US26D

Max. Mounting Thickness: 13/16"

Cam Motion Operation: 90 degree, Clockwise or Counterclockwise, Locked position at 3, 6, 9 or 12 o'clock

Key Motion Operation: 90 degree captive (KR, 360 degree non-captive (NKR)

Available Spacers: 1/16", 1/8, 3/16", 1/4" (included in the kit), 5/16", 3/8", 7/16"

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