Cylindrical & Deadlock Cylinders

Arrow conventional cylinders are available for a variety of key system requirements. From simple keyed alike (KA) and keyed (KD) different groups to the more complex master (MK), grand master (GMK), great grand master (GGMK) and construction master (CMK) key systems.



Body: Solid brass pin tumbler 6 chambers. inned 5 for Grade 2 Locksets. Pinned 6 for Grade 1 locksets and all hotel locksets.

Keyway: “A” keyway standard. Arrow sectional keyways available. Competitive keyways available.

Finishes: US4, US26D

Deadlock Cylinders


Body: Solid brass pin tumbler, 6 chambers for E & D series deadlocks. E series pinned 5. D series pinned 6.

Keyway: “A” keyway standard. Competitive keyways available.

Finishes: US4, US26D

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