Arrow Pointe IC core products offer dealers unmatched flexibility and keying options. Available in standard 6 and 7 pin format in Arrow and competitive keyways, dealers can install Arrow Pointe in new or existing key systems. Arrow’s unique manufacturing process gives Arrow Pointe interchangeable cores unmatched strength and durability. The core features four main components: The plug, shell, sleeve and faceplate.

Our precision engineering design, keying capability and availability make Arrow Pointe interchangeable cores our most specified brand for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.



Arrow Keyways: 1C & 1D Standard keyways, restricted keyways – consult factory for availability.

Competitive keyways: AB, BB, CB, DB, EB, FB, GB, HB, JB, KB, LB, MB, QB, RB, TA, TB, TC, TD, TE, WA, WB, WC, WG, WH, WY

- 6-Pin: 100CR x keyway;
- 7 Pin: 7100CR x keyway
-Combinated & Uncombinated

Finishes: US26D & US4 Finishes

- Reinforced Sleeve Design
- Barrell or Slide Cap Designs available
- Solid Brass Construction

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