Pointe Sliding Door Core

The Sliding Door Core is an addition to the Arrow Pointe SFIC Pointe product line, the SD series. This core is used to retrofit existing sliding door housings such as the Best 4S.

You will see this style core used in many retail applications to lock up valuables in sliding glass door cabinets, such as in the iPad display cases at Target and other retailers.

Our precision engineering design, keying capability and availability make Arrow Pointe interchangeable cores our most specified brand for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.



Arrow Keyways: 1C & 1D Standard keyways, restricted keyways – consult factory for availability.

Competitive keyways: AB, BB, CB, DB, EB, FB, GB, HB, JB, KB, LB, MB, QB, RB, TA, TB, TD, TE, WA, WB, WC, WG, WH, WY

- 7 Pin: SD7100CR x keyway
-Combinated & Uncombinated

Finishes: US26D & US4 Finishes

- Reinforced Sleeve Design
- Barrell Cap Design
- Solid Brass Construction

Warranty: 1 year

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