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Now is a great time to upgrade your opening!

Commercial buildings of all kinds may vary in their size, use and design, but all are heavily influenced by three major trends today:

  • Adherence to the latest building code requirements, regardless of age, is more strictly enforced. 
  • Management of facilities is growing more complex due to increasing number and sophistication of building systems and materials, along with the variety of users and the multiple security levels each requires. 
  • Users’ expectations have risen, driving demand for safe and easier access to spaces (in and outside of buildings), coupled with more aggressive security measures. And on the heels of a pandemic, reduction of germ transmission is a high expectation on nearly every occupant’s list.

Deadbolt Lock with Occupancy Indicators (inside & outside)

Do not get caught off-guard. Take advantage of the latest design of thumbturn locks, offering a very helpful status indicator.

Visual indication that the door is locked for those inside while highlighting to others outside that the room is occupied - preventing potentially embarrassing events.

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